2010 Lobby Day


Hello all:

   Well on 18 January the small yet mighty VABA lobbyist left for the annual pilgrimage to Richmond. The drive in the rain was at least as much fun as you would think.

We arrived around noon and sat down with Tom, Matt and Jim from Tom McGraths Law Group and went over the bills that were to be presented.  The presentation was well thought out and informative. Just to mention some of the bills:

Riding two abreast

Red light malfunctions

Aftermarket exhaust

Reflectors on trailers

All of these will be discussed in detail at the next meeting.

My thanks to Wes, Lisa, Holley, Stephanie, David and Johnny for an eye opening adventure to observe the very freedoms that make  our country the greatest in the world. I would urge anyone to go to the capital on lobby day and see our government work.

Sunday night we were treated to some of the best barbeque I have ever eaten. Then we got up early Monday so we could beat the crowd to the General Assembly Building.

Once inside we met with several Delegates and explained our position. At 10.00am we had an appointment with Ward Armstrong, one of our strongest supporters. After walking the floors and halls of the Assembly building we were invited to Penny Lane Pub for lunch, Courtesy of Tom McGrath.

We all need to be aware that bills are being written without our input, that directly effect how we ride our bikes. It is a mistake to let others decide what our freedoms should be. All of us in the VABA need to keep close to our delegates so that they know we have a voice, and we will be heard. Email is a great way to communicate, I guarantee you it will get to them.


Ride Hard, Ride Safe

B Jim Brewer (Assistant Director VABA)


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