Virginia Bikers Association

Established 2005


VABA meets on the second Tuesday at the Quality Inn in Hillsville, VA at 6:30 p.m.

Remember -- together we have a strong voice but separate we are weak. 

Why you should join The Virginia Bikers Association:

To get involved in guiding legislation that impacts motorcycle riders.

To keep informed about laws and pending laws that impact motorcycle riders.

To support local charities.

To ride with a great group of motorcycle enthusiasts.


Membership Application

Do you ride a bike with Ape Hanger handlebars? DID YOU KNOW that thanks to SMRO's in Virginia like VABA, VCOM, ABATE you can ride your bike legally with those Apes?? Think about it! If you are a motorcyclist in Virginia and you don't belong to a SMRO like VABA your enjoying riding off someone else's hard work! Join today and make your voice heard! We are STRONGER TOGETHER !!

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Keep the Shiny Side Up!!

Are you looking to be part of a well focused State Motorcycle Rights Organization in Virginia? Then we are looking for you! VABA is seeking alike minded individuals in different areas of the state with possibilities of having new chapters !


Ed Langdon, Director.



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