Group Riding


Ride in a staggered formation, with the Lead Road Captain starting at the left of center.  Maintain one second interval with the rider to the right/left of you, 2 seconds from the rider directly ahead of you.  Do not ride directly beside another rider, or pass another rider in the same lane.  Do not fall back too far impatient drivers may be tempted to pull out in front of you rather than waiting for the group of motorcycles to pass this can have disastrous results.

Allow other vehicles to merge into the group.  Even though you are maintaining your 2 second interval, if a driver insists on moving into the group, do not fight it give them room.  They will exit or pass eventually.

If a light turns yellow (or red) stop!  Riding in a group does not give license to run red lights or stop signs.  Use hand signals to let those behind you know that you are stopping.  The Road Guard or Sweep Road Captain will lead the split group, if needed, until it is rejoined.  The Sweep Road Captain will notify the Lead Road Captain of the situation (if they have radios), so he will slow the pace until they have caught up.

Hand signals.  When the Lead Road Captain uses a hand signal, all riders should pass it back.  He will use common hand signals for left or right turns, slow down, accelerate, stop, road hazard, and so forth.

Road Hazards.  Any rider who sees a hazard on the roadway (gravel, deep pothole, road kill, etc.) should signal the hazard by pointing to it either by hand (on the left side) or foot (on the right side).  All riders should pass this signal back.  Only signal if it is safe to remove your hand or foot from the controls.

Narrow roads.  When approaching a narrow, twisty, or other confined roadway, the Lead Road Captain will signal for the group to abandon the staggered formation and ride in a single line.  As you form a single line, you should also increase your following distance due to the road conditions.

The signal for forming a single line is extending the left hand straight up, with the index finger pointed up.  The signal for reforming into a staggered formation is extending the left hand straight up and forming a V with the index and middle finger, rotating the wrist.

New riders up front.  If you are new to group riding, let the Road Captain know.  You should be riding up near the front where the Lead Road Captain can set the pace based on his direct observation of the group.  For large groups (more than 30 riders), a separate group may be formed based on experience levels.